• An oil rig can be seen over the horizon of the sea against a bright orange sky
  • How should Big Oil spend big money?

    by Ernesto Bonafé Big Oil faces an existential question: How to spend its very large and, for some, ‘windfall’ or…

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Challenging Cosmopolitanism

Challenging Cosmopolitanism

The temptation to look longingly to idealised visions of Islamic cosmopolitanism as the antithesis to the militant communal solidarity associated…

Christianity in North Africa and West Asia

Mapping Christianity in North Africa and West Asia

This region, North Africa and West Asia, is where Christianity began, nearly 2,000 years ago. Many Christian communities today trace their histories back over the entire period. At the same time, there is no region in the world where Christians are more at risk of extinction, as civil wars, persecution and economic distress have resulted in a massive exodus of the Christian population. This volume documents that exodus while it is underway.