Studies in World Christianity turns 25: The complete SWC index

The Edinburgh University Press journal Studies in World Christianity recently turned an impressive 25 years old, and to celebrate we have created and hosted a range of activity, including a recent blog post. We’re also excited to let you know that book reviews and editorials of each issue of the journal can now also be accessed for free!

Studies in World Christianity journal

Closely linked with Edinburgh University’s Centre for the Study of World Christianity, the journal promotes creative thinking and lively scholarly interchange in the interpretation of all aspects of Christianity as a world religion. It includes articles from historical, theological, and social scientific perspectives. Whilst the primary interest of the journal is in the rich diversity of Christian life and thought found in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and eastern Europe, its contributions also reflect on channels of influence in western Europe or North American.

The editors have created a special blog post on the Centre for the Study of World Christianity website, which contains the entire index for the journal. Visit the Centre’s blog to browse the index and find out more about the research the department are carrying out.

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Teri Williams
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