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Ohannes Topalian

A story of Armenian migration to North America

By David Gutman In April 1906, a man appeared at the United States consulate in Sivas, a city located deep in the Anatolian interior in what is today central Turkey. In fluent English, the man identified himself as Ohannes Topalian,…

How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring

How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring

An interview with Nathaniel Greenberg – author of How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring: The Politics of Narrative in Tunisia and Egypt – first featured on the Jadaliyya website. Read the original interview Jadaliyya (J): What made you write…

Photograph of a condor perched on a log against a blue sky.

The continuing importance of Chile’s Cold War history

Earlier this year, the United States government declassified more than 40,000 documents showing the American intelligence community’s reporting on the Argentine dictatorship’s Dirty War. This refers to Argentines’ counterinsurgency campaign that decimated their country’s far left in the late 1970s.…