• The facade of the National Library of Scotland.

Palestinian lives matter

By Ronit Lentin When the announcement of the candidacy of Israeli lawmaker and retired general Efraim ‘Effi’ Eitam as director of the Jerusalem Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial was made in November 2020, many Israeli leftists and intellectuals protested, claiming it…

Sexual abuse survivors: forgotten victims of ACEs?

By Sarah Nelson In Scotland and internationally, most policy on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) has placed overwhelming emphasis on children. Traumatised adults have been surprisingly neglected.  Yet as I describe in my recent article for Scottish Affairs, the key message…

Jean-François Lyotard: A Sceptic for Our Times

I first encountered Jean-François Lyotard's work in the mid-1980s, after the publication of the English translation of his book The Postmodern Condition. It was a text that created quite a stir in the English-speaking academic world, drawing a lot of both praise and criticism. I was one of those to be critical, as in the first thing I ever wrote about Lyotard, a journal article for Radical Philosophy, where I argued there was a nihilistic quality to his thought.

Is Trump vaccinated against the coronavirus?

Where will politicization of the response to COVID-19 end? When former President G.W. Bush issued calls to put partisanship aside and unite in the fight against COVID-19, President Trump virulently criticized the former, reproaching him with not taking his side when Democrats launched the impeachment process against him.