• Five Influential Psychiatric Films

    by Tim Snelson, William R. Macauley and David A. Kirby In the ‘long 1960s’, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals […]

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Four Irish Persephones

By Virginie Trachsler The young Persephone is gathering flowers in a meadow when her uncle Hades, god of the underworld, rises through a crack in the earth and abducts her on his golden chariot. Her mother Ceres wanders the earth…

Gothic Novel or Grad School?: A Quiz

By Anna Williams Directions: read the plots below and determine whether they describe a Gothic novel or grad school. A young woman finds herself irreparably distanced from her family and loved ones, holed up in a once-glorious edifice that’s now…

Lucretius II - Primavera

An extract from Lucretius II by Thomas Nail

Take a peek at the book extract from the recently published Lucretius II: An Ethics of Motion by Thomas Nail. How can the fear of death lead us to unethical action? In his didactic poem De Rerum Natura, Lucretius tell…