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Romanticism Celebrates 25 Years

Written by Romanticism editor, Nicholas Roe. The 25th publishing anniversary of Romanticism offers an opportunity to reflect on the origin of the journal three decades ago. In the mid-1990s there was no UK-based journal dedicated to publishing a broad range…

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, 1632. Mauritshuis, Den Hague.

Finn Fordham on the Anatomy of Moments

Singing in a choir recently I was lucky enough to experience some intense moments, and less lucky in my attempts to think (again), about ‘moments’, the topic of my inaugural lecture, published in Volume 13.2 of Modernist Cultures. We were singing…

Wonder was eclipsed by the Sublime in paintings such as The Great Day of His Wrath

Rediscovering the Wonder of Philosophy

Wonder is largely absent as a topic of concern to contemporary philosophers. Yet ancient philosophers saw it as the source of what was distinctive in their way of thinking. Plato and Aristotle thought that it was the stirrings of wonder…

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1817-2017

By Robert Morrison An extract from Romanticism, Volume 23.3, October 2017 1817 was a remarkable year for British Romanticism John Keats published his first volume of Poems. Thomas Moore produced Lalla Rookh, Percy Shelley Laon and Cythna, Felicia Hemans Modern…


By Sarah Wootton Light is recapturing the attention of contemporary writers, critics, and artists. Ann Wroe’s Six Facets of Light (Cape, 2016) is a series of brilliant reflections on the subject. In 2015 Münster’s Museum of Art and Culture staged…