• A native man and woman sit on a rock in the middle of a body of water surrounded by trees
  • A Q&A with Daniela Berghahn on Exotic Cinema

    by Daniela Berghahn Exotic Cinema author Daniela Berghahn chats to EUP on the inspiration behind the book and what surprised […]

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In Memory of Thierry Tremblay (1970–2022)

by James Corby and Ivan Callus ‘The whatever singularity is a singularity without quality, but it is a singularity with inclinations, a singularity that tends or aspires to the world. The singularity in its whateverness is a potentiality, but a…

CounterText 8.1 – The Mimetic Condition

The articles in this special issue offer powerful transdisciplinary testimony to the rich potential of the contemporary return to mimesis, and in doing so suggest ways in which the mimetic turn and the post-literary turn may be understood as critically supplementing each other. In this short accompanying video Guest Editor Nidesh Lawtoo offers a foretaste of what readers can expect.

Theologies of Reading

By Laura McCormick Kilbride, Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft, and Simone Kotva Is reading a theological activity? This is a question which only invites further questions. How a person responds to it will reveal as much about their presuppositions and their training…

CounterText is five years old

CounterText: A Journal for the Study of the Post-Literary is five years old! To celebrate the occasion, Edinburgh University Press and the journal’s editorial team (based at the Department of English at the University of Malta) have put together a…


CounterText Special Issue: Afterward/Afterword

CounterText guest editor Norbert Bugeja shares some interesting thoughts about the special issue, Afterward/Afterword, and the important, complex questions it approaches. It is mid-May, a sunny afternoon in Bethlehem. I have arrived here from Ramallah, driving in the midday heat…

The CounterText Interview: Judith Butler

CounterText Volume 3.2 (August 2017) is a special issue entitled The Poetic, and contains a contains a wide-ranging interview with Judith Butler conducted by Aaron Aquilina (Lancaster) and Kurt Borg (Staffordshire). The following remarks, taken from near the end of…