• A photo of a young Jane Campion smiling
  • A Q&A with the editors of Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion

    by Alexia L. Bowler and Adele Jones Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion (2023) is the first collection of scholarly […]

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He Who Got Slapped

by Alice Maurice It has been a long time since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. It’s been two whole months – by today’s standards, an eternity. Even after a week, it had been thoroughly washed and rinsed…

Image of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, Britishness and Class

by John White In the second of a short series of extracts from British Cinema and a Divided Nation (EUP, 2022), John White looks at Downton Abbey (Michael Engler, 2019). The quick series of shots presented to the audience at…

Japanese High School Films: My 4 Favourites!

By Peter C. Pugsley In Japanese High School Films: Iconography, Nostalgia and Discipline, I write about how high school-based films capture a steady market in Japanese cinema. From the 100 plus high school films released in just over five years (2014-2020),…


Two More Things…Two videoessays on Columbo

by David Martin-Jones In a previous post, David Martin-Jones, author of Columbo: Paying Attention 24/7, explored the recent and enduring popularity of the cult detective show, fifty years after the first episode aired. In this follow-up, David discusses two videoessays…