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Four Irish Persephones

By Virginie Trachsler The young Persephone is gathering flowers in a meadow when her uncle Hades, god of the underworld, rises through a crack in the earth and abducts her on his golden chariot. Her mother Ceres wanders the earth…

Anthony Burgess in 1989 pictured by Helmut Newton

Anthony Burgess, Translation and Literary Forgery

By Martin Kratz In 1978, Anthony Burgess published several translations of work by the nineteenth-century Roman poet G.G. Belli. Burgess’s longstanding engagement with Belli had culminated the previous year in the publication of ABBA ABBA (1977), a hybrid novel/literary translation.…

Morris, Aeneids manuscript, p. 238 ( Aeneid 9.1-5) TAL 24 (2015)

William Morris’ Synthetic Aeneids

Jack Mitchell (Dalhousie University) addresses William Morris’ Aeneid translation of 1875 and explains in his article, William Morris’ Synthetic Aeneids: Virgil as Physical Object that “a key theme of Morris’ overall artistic creed, namely the need to make ideas concrete…

Spotlight on….Translation and Literature

Founded in 1992, Translation and Literature is a tri-annual which is published in March, July and November of each year. It is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focusing on English Literature in its foreign relations. Translation and Literature publishes critical studies and…