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William Morris’ Synthetic Aeneids

Jack Mitchell (Dalhousie University) addresses William Morris’ Aeneid translation of 1875 and explains in his article, William Morris’ Synthetic Aeneids: Virgil as Physical Object that “a key theme of Morris’ overall artistic creed, namely the need to make ideas concrete through their expression as physical objects, may serve both to explain the extraordinary character of his Virgil translation and to help answer a theoretical problem of translation in general: the problem of whether the historical stratification of a classic text can be captured in translation.” This beautiful image appears in Translation and Literature 24 (2015).
Morris, Aeneids manuscript, p. 238 ( Aeneid 9.1-5) TAL 24 (2015)
Morris, Aeneids manuscript, p. 238 (Aeneid 9.1-5). Lettering and ornament by Morris, illustration (Iris appearing before Turnus) by Murray from a drawing by Burne-Jones. Private Collection/Photo © Christie’s Images/Bridgeman Images.
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