A woman stands to her side extending both arms horizontally in a room lined with picture frames. She is standing in front of a shopping cart filled with trash bags.

Writing Dancing and the Stance

by ‘Funmi Adewole Elliott Over the years I have carried out several research projects as a practitioner, at times with funding from organisations like the Arts Council and Chisenhale Dance Space or with support from The Space at Clarence Mews.…

Ben Jonson on the Internet

Compared with video material dealing with Shakespeare, there are relatively few really helpful videos dealing with Ben Jonson, either on the internet in general or on YouTube in particular. This, of course, is also true of most “Renaissance” authors aside from “the Bard.” However, one particularly valuable video documentary dealing to some degree with Jonson (and in fact titled “Ben Jonson”) was released as part of the “ShaLT [Shakespearean London Theatres] Project”:

Five Unmissable Performances from Penny Dreadful

By Benjamin Poore For the uninitiated, Penny Dreadful is a genre-busting neo-Victorian fantasy horror show, set in the 1890s, in a world where Victor Frankenstein, his Creature, Professor Van Helsing, and Dorian Gray can all co-exist. It’s a world where…