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Reading the War on Terror in Moroccan Picture Books

By Sara Austin and Ann Wainscott We met at New Faculty Orientation in 2018. Sara was seated across a large round table from me, and during introductions she mentioned that she was a scholar of children’s literature. I immediately mentioned…

Photograph of a condor perched on a log against a blue sky.

The continuing importance of Chile’s Cold War history

Earlier this year, the United States government declassified more than 40,000 documents showing the American intelligence community’s reporting on the Argentine dictatorship’s Dirty War. This refers to Argentines’ counterinsurgency campaign that decimated their country’s far left in the late 1970s.…

Photograph of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament

The Woman on Westminster Bridge

A woman walks across a bridge. She is looking at her mobile. She seems to be in a hurry. Close to her, a person lies injured on the pavement. Several people attend to the injured person. The woman is wearing…