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Picture of Alfred North Whitehead

A New Age of Whitehead Scholarship

At the end of his first year of what would turn out to be thirteen years teaching at Harvard, Alfred North Whitehead wrote a letter to his eldest son, North, in which he discussed how he felt about teaching his…

Alfred North Whitehead Photograph from Wellcome Images, CC-by

The Genesis of Alfred North Whitehead’s Philosophy

Not many people will read Whitehead’s recent book in this generation; not many will read it in any generation. But its influence will radiate through concentric circles of popularization until the common man will think and work in the light…

Cover image for A Process Philosophy of Signs by James Williams

Behind Red Doors – Signs, Process and the Political

In January 2016, a scandal broke out in the UK when the Times reported that asylum seekers’ homes could be identified by distinctive red doors, making them vulnerable to attacks. Coincidentally – but not where signs and the political are concerned – A Process Philosophy of Signs opens with an account of threatening identification on doors.