• A woman stands to her side extending both arms horizontally in a room lined with picture frames. She is standing in front of a shopping cart filled with trash bags.
  • Writing Dancing and the Stance

    by ‘Funmi Adewole Elliott Over the years I have carried out several research projects as a practitioner, at times with […]

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Film and the Imagined Image

Imagining with Film

By Sarah Cooper I revisited my local Odeon cinema in London recently, just prior to receiving the advance copies of my book, Film and the Imagined Image. As I sat back to enjoy the Sunday afternoon screening, I was reminded…

Film Stardom and Film-Philosophy

By Lucy Bolton This special issue of Film-Philosophy on film stardom is designed to do two things: to demonstrate the philosophical questions at the heart of many elements of studying and understanding actors as stars, and hopefully to provoke more…

James Benning's Environments

James Benning: A Cinema of Our Times

In James Benning’s film Concord Woods (2014), we watch a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s famous cabin at Walden Pond. The cabin is first shown during the summer solstice, graced by the golden sunlight. The shot lingers for sixty minutes…

Improving Passions

Sentimentalism and the Musical at Eurovision 2017

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was won this year by Portugal’s entry, with a singer called Salvador Sobral, who sang a simple, heartfelt song of love and loss. Over and against the elaborate stage mechanics and outlandish attempts at eclecticism…

Film Philosophy Cover

Film Philosophy and the Body in Cinema

Film-philosophy has seen a resurgence of interest in phenomenology, particularly in its existentialist branch as exemplified by the work of Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. This is largely because much has been made of the turn to affect…

What is non-cinema?

By William Brown I was delighted that Film-Philosophy recently published my essay: ‘Non-Cinema: Digital, Ethics, Multitude’.  The essay is a first articulation of what I am terming non-cinema, and which is the focus of a forthcoming monograph that I am…