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Baudelaire in strange places

What has a nineteenth-century French poet got to do with 1960s American electronica? The poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) published his controversial verse poetry collection Les Fleurs du mal in 1857, followed by his innovative prose poem works. His poetry has…

From the archives – What is comparative literature?

Certain works of literature call especially clearly for a comparative approach, through reference to other works or through establishing comparative structures such as parallel plots. Collectively, these works can be denoted by the noun phrase “comparative literature”. In our featured…

Edward Thomas, courtesy Edward Thomas Fellowship

War Damage: Four Poets of the First World War

“what are the implications of [war damage] for our understanding of literary works which themselves engage with the theme of the damage inflicted by war?” Richard Price answers this as he considers how poets Guillaume Apollinaire, Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas…