• A woman stands to her side extending both arms horizontally in a room lined with picture frames. She is standing in front of a shopping cart filled with trash bags.
  • Writing Dancing and the Stance

    by ‘Funmi Adewole Elliott Over the years I have carried out several research projects as a practitioner, at times with […]

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A Study in Four Colours: The Case of the Chameleon Detective

By Lucyna Krawczyk-Żywko Sherlock Holmes, “the most portrayed literary human character in film and TV” (Guinness World Records News), is skilled at disguising himself and adjusting to different circumstances and yet remaining himself. Few literary characters lose so little in…

Nuancing Ken Russell

By Kevin M. Flanagan Director Ken Russell (1927-2011) tends to evoke extreme reactions. Critics, academics, and fans lavish a few of his works with rapturous praise. His adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love (1969), or some of his composer…