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A cropped photo of the cover Theory of the Object

Preview: Theory of the Object by Thomas Nail

Enjoy a preview of the first page from Thomas Nail’s new book Theory of the Object. We live in an age of objects. Today there are more objects and more kinds of objects than ever before in human history, and…

Jean-Luc Nancy and Paragraph

By Peggy Kamuf In tribute to Jean-Luc Nancy, whose death was announced in August, Peggy Kamuf looks back on a landmark special issue of Paragraph (‘On the Work of Jean-Luc Nancy’, Paragraph, Vol. 16, Issue 2) which she edited in…

A fur rug is draped over a globe

The dignity of pointing

by Hilan Bensusan Pointing is a thoroughly situated activity. One points at what is somehow around – even when one needs complex language devices for the exercise. Maybe because thinking often aims to be indifferent to where one is, pointing…

Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies Turns 20

By Professor Tayseer Abu Odeh Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies is an international refereed journal presenting a global platform and space for both critical…