‘Spanish Entree Performed by Mr Desnoyer’, Anthony L’Abbe, A New Collection of Dances [London, c.1725], plate 74, appearing in MONSIEUR DESNOYER, PART 1: 1721–1733, DOI: drs.2013.005969

Monsieur Desnoyer – Mapping Choreography. 18C Dance Design

Below is a beautiful illustration of ‘Spanish Entree Performed by Mr Desnoyer and choreographed by Anthony L’Abbe’. Full of jumps, turns and entrechats, a virtuoso vocabulary runs throughout the solo.

Spanish Dance, Fig 1., in Dance Research. Volume 31, Issue 1, Page 67-77

Appearing in the article, “The Celebrated Monsieur Desnoyer, Part 1: 1721–1733”, by Moira Goff

To read the article at Dance Research, go to http://www.euppublishing.com/doi/pdfplus/10.3366/drs.2013.0059

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