• A photo of a young Jane Campion smiling
  • A Q&A with the editors of Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion

    by Alexia L. Bowler and Adele Jones Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion (2023) is the first collection of scholarly […]

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Remembering the history of Scottish land reform

By Ewen Cameron I was delighted to publish Freshness, Freedom, and Peace?: Land Settlement in Scotland after the Great War  in Northern Scotland, 2nd series, 11.2 (2020), 161–75. This was a special issue arising from a stimulating conference held at…

Ludovic McLellan Mann: Glasgow’s original media influencer

By Kenny Brophy Decades before Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, to be an influencer involved analogue methods, persistence, and very, very hard work. Research over the last few years into the eccentric Glasgow-based amateur archaeologist, antiquarian and insurance broker, Ludovic…

Making the Census Count: Edinburgh 1760-1900

By Richard Rodger You might think that with a commitment to Open Data and Open Access from the Scottish Government and Local Councils that you would be able to consult Census records from 150 years ago. You might think that…