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Film Philosophy Cover

Film Philosophy and the Body in Cinema

Film-philosophy has seen a resurgence of interest in phenomenology, particularly in its existentialist branch as exemplified by the work of Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. This is largely because much has been made of the turn to affect…

Gaelic Satire and 18th Century Highland History

The benefit of studying Gaelic poetry in conjunction with conventional documentary sources to obtain a fuller understanding of the past is illustrated in Ellen L. Beard’s article in Northern Scotland, Volume 8.1. She presents newly-compiled information and perspectives on two…

Palestine landscape

‘I Am My Language’

In May 2017, the Israeli Knesset passed the nation-state bill in its first round. This bill emphasizes Israel being Jewish and democratic. A casualty of this bill is the Arabic language. Arabic has been an official language in a law…

Trans Temporalities

The guest editors of the Somatechnics Special Issue, ‘Trans Temporalities‘, draw on their inspirations for the issue theme, as well as highlighting experiences of gender nonnormative subjects and the significance of time, discourse and materiality in understanding the [complicated] lives…