• Five Influential Psychiatric Films

    by Tim Snelson, William R. Macauley and David A. Kirby In the ‘long 1960s’, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals […]

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1751 Map of Asia

Remapping Persian Literary History, 1700-1900

Read the blog post to find out more about writing the newly published book Remapping Persian Literary History, 1700-1900 by Kevin L. Schwartz. Remembering Iran, Forgetting the Persianate There was a time – roughly from 1000 to 1850 – when…

Declaration of Human Fraternity 2019

Christians and Muslims: Friends or Foes?

Read on to explore the details behind writing the first and second edition of the fascinating study looking at the history of the relationship between Christians and Muslims – A History of Christian-Muslim Relations by Hugh Goddard. Twenty years ago…

Scottish Muslims: Unity and Belonging

Scottish Muslims’ lives are dressed up in tartan and play the music of Islam. The Scottish ‘Muslim community’ is made up of people of various ages, ethnicities and social classes. But what they have in common is that they identify…