Did you know that we offer a wide range of books and journals content free to access online? For journals, this includes featured articles from our latest journal issues, some whole back issues and our fully Open Access journal Film-Philosophy. For books, we have free taster chapters from a variety of titles and fully Open Access titles which you can read free online or on your eReader of choice. Read on to learn more about how to find and access our free content, and for some highlights of what is available in your field.

Finding Featured Articles

Most of our journals offer free featured articles from their latest issue. To find these, navigate to a journal of your choice, find the latest issue, and look out for the issues marked as free or Open Access, denoted by these icons:

Free and Open Access Icons
Look out for these icons on our journals website for content you can access for free.

Open Access Content

We have a wide range of Open Access books, book chapters, journals and articles.

Free Content Available Now

Here’s a selection of highlights from the content we have available to access free on our website. As our featured articles change with each new issue, the availability of journal articles linked here may be subject to change.

Classics & Ancient History

Universe and Inner Self in Early Indian and Early Greek Thought edited by Richard Seaford.

Moral History from Herodotus to Diodorus Siculus by Lisa Irene Hau.

Film, Media & Cultural Studies

Journal Articles

Our journal Film-Philosophy is entirely open access. Read the latest issue, volume 24, issue 1 now.

‘Dead as the wooden battleship’: The Fate of Silent British Features in the Transition to Sound from the Journal of British Cinema and Television volume 17, issue 2.

The Clothing Accessory Choices of Rachel, Countess of Bath, and Other Mid-Seventeenth-Century Women from Costume, volume 54, issue 1.

Revaluations through Dance: Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thought in Isadora Duncan’s Speech The Dance of the Future from Dance Research volume 37, issue 2.

Open Access Books

From our Visionaries: Thinking Through Female Filmmakers series: Ana Kokkinos by Kelly McWilliam, Kathleen Collins by Geetha Ramanathan and The Cinema of Marguerite Duras by Michelle Royer.


Regulating Sin in the City: The Moral Geographies of Naval Port Towns in Britain and Germany, c.1860–1914 from Britain and the World volume 13, issue 1.

Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Journal Articles

Maryam’s story: An ethnographic memoir from Afghanistan volume 3, issue 1.

Open Access Books

A Monument to Medieval Syrian Book Culture by Konrad Hirschler.


Counter-Terrorism Framework and Individual Liberties in Ghana from African Journal of International and Comparative Law volume 28, issue 1.

The Supreme Court’s Prorogation Judgment: Guardian of the Constitution or Architect of the Constitution? from Edinburgh Law Review volume 24, issue 1.


Sketching women: a corpus-based approach to representations of women’s agency in political Internet from Corpora volume 15, issue 1.

The Sydney Corpus of Television Dialogue: designing and building a corpus of dialogue from US TV series from Corpora volume 15, issue 1.

From meaning to form and back in American Sign Language verbal classifier morphemes from Word Structure volume 13, issue 1.

Literary Studies

Journal Articles

Contemporary Crime Fiction, Cultural Prestige, and the Literary Field from Crime Fiction Studies volume 1, issue 1.

Gothic Paleography and the Preface to the First Edition of The Castle of Otranto from Gothic Studies volume 21, issue 2.

Open Access Books

Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare edited by Hillary Eklund and Wendy Beth Hyman.

The American Short Story Cycle by Jennifer J. Smith.


Open Access Books and Chapters

Read the Open Access Introduction from Ensemblance by Luis de Miranda.

Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy by Karl Widerquist and Grant S. McCall.

Journal Articles

Aristotelian Explanation and Homology in Biology from Ancient Philosophy Today volume 2, issue 1.

Scottish Studies

In search of Robert Bruce, part III: medieval royal burial at Dunfermline and the tomb investigations of 1818–19 from The Innes Review volume 70, issue 2.

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