Lucretius II - Primavera

An extract from Lucretius II by Thomas Nail

Take a peek at the book extract from the recently published Lucretius II: An Ethics of Motion by Thomas Nail. How can the fear of death lead us to unethical action? In his didactic poem De Rerum Natura, Lucretius tell…

Graham Harman interviews Markus Gabriel

Graham Harman, Speculative Realism series editor, interviews Markus Gabriel, author of Fields of Sense and Why the World Does Not Exist. It's a long conversation, and very rich, so fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee, pop your phone on silent, and settle down for a read.

Empiricism – An Extract from The Meillassoux Dictionary

EMPIRICISM Adrian Johnston Before addressing Meillassoux’s positioning vis-à-vis empiricism proper as an epistemological orientation in philosophy, I should say a few words about his relations with things empirical, specifically as per the empirical sciences resting upon a posteriori observation and…