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Xenophon’s Anabasis in 16 Pictures

This selection of sixteen photographs together with the accompanying descriptions by Xenophon aim to provide a sense of the travel experience from the journey’s beginning at Sardis to the army’s famous sighting of the Black Sea from the mountains south of modern Trabzon.
Making Mongol History

Tracing the life and work of Rashid al-Din

By Stefan Kamola, author of Making Mongol History: Rashid al-Din and the Jamiʿ al-Tawarikh Early in 1839, Professor of Linguistics Duncan Forbes arrived in Inverness with Mir Afzal Ali, representative of the Maharaja of Satara. They had come to visit…

photo of Jan P. Stronk

An Ancient Library Full of Persia

by Jan P. Stronk Perspectives on Persia During most of the Archaic down to the Hellenistic Eras, Persia and/or the Persians have had an appeal to the Greeks. Certainly during the Archaic Period, the Greek judgement regarding the Persians was…