• A native man and woman sit on a rock in the middle of a body of water surrounded by trees
  • A Q&A with Daniela Berghahn on Exotic Cinema

    by Daniela Berghahn Exotic Cinema author Daniela Berghahn chats to EUP on the inspiration behind the book and what surprised […]

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Reading Joyce

2022 marks a hundred years since Sylvia Beach published James Joyce’s novel Ulysses in full. What better time to think about reading Joyce? A hundred years of readers and readings! Of course, that’s not the whole picture. Ulysses is also…

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, 1632. Mauritshuis, Den Hague.

Finn Fordham on the Anatomy of Moments

Singing in a choir recently I was lucky enough to experience some intense moments, and less lucky in my attempts to think (again), about ‘moments’, the topic of my inaugural lecture, published in Volume 13.2 of Modernist Cultures. We were singing…