• A photo of a young Jane Campion smiling
  • A Q&A with the editors of Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion

    by Alexia L. Bowler and Adele Jones Refocus: The Films of Jane Campion (2023) is the first collection of scholarly […]

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Two More Things…Two videoessays on Columbo

by David Martin-Jones In a previous post, David Martin-Jones, author of Columbo: Paying Attention 24/7, explored the recent and enduring popularity of the cult detective show, fifty years after the first episode aired. In this follow-up, David discusses two videoessays…

Protest sticker on the forced disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa. An orange sticker with the words "43 #Nos Faltan Ayotzinapa". Photo: Padaguan via Wikimedia Commons

Centering the Victim

Niamh Thornton, co-editor of Legacies of the Past explores the changing role of the victim in discussions of violence. A change of focus towards the victim A shift is taking place in whose stories are told. It has been a…

Ellroy and Me

By Nathan Ashman It was 2006 and James Ellroy was in the midst of penning the much anticipated third volume in his ‘Underworld USA Trilogy’, an epic criminal history of post-war America. I, meanwhile, was just about to begin my…

The comforts of mystery

By Thomas Leitch Mystery and detective stories have always been my comfort-food reading. From the time I was weaned away from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys to Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie in the eighth grade, I’ve never…