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  • Writing Dancing and the Stance

    by ‘Funmi Adewole Elliott Over the years I have carried out several research projects as a practitioner, at times with […]

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Moving forward with Aristotle

by John M. Pemberton Is the world changing? When you cycle along on your bicycle, are you moving? If you ask the woman on the Clapham omnibus, then the answer will be an emphatic: ‘Yes, of course!’ However, many of…

Aristotle and the Open Future

By Jason W. Carter How much do we know about the future? Some people think that we can know a lot about the future – even the distant future. We might now know, for instance, that a catastrophe caused by…

Photograph of Möbius strip with greek lettering

Aristotle and gender: form vs matter?

Even as strides toward gender equality have been made in the last century, the notion that gender is a binary divided between those who determine the social world – men – and those who need to be determined – women…

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God in Aristotle’s Ethics

By Tom Angier Does ethics need religion? Do we need to believe in God to be good? These are standard questions in moral philosophy. Strangely, however, they are not asked about (arguably) the greatest philosopher in the Western tradition: namely,…