• Five Influential Psychiatric Films

    by Tim Snelson, William R. Macauley and David A. Kirby In the ‘long 1960s’, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals […]

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In Memory of Thierry Tremblay (1970–2022)

by James Corby and Ivan Callus ‘The whatever singularity is a singularity without quality, but it is a singularity with inclinations, a singularity that tends or aspires to the world. The singularity in its whateverness is a potentiality, but a…

The Persistence of Victorian Middle Class Fictions

by Albert Pionke The US has just emerged from a mid-term election cycle. In the UK, calls for a general election grow ever louder. Politicians, pundits, and pollsters alike cite the discontent of the middle class with, depending upon one’s ideological predilections,…

Reading Joyce

2022 marks a hundred years since Sylvia Beach published James Joyce’s novel Ulysses in full. What better time to think about reading Joyce? A hundred years of readers and readings! Of course, that’s not the whole picture. Ulysses is also…

5 places where modernism survived

Adapting or recasting the formal experiments of their modernist forebears...Here is a brief tour of five places where modernism survived well into the second half of the twentieth century.