• A native man and woman sit on a rock in the middle of a body of water surrounded by trees
  • A Q&A with Daniela Berghahn on Exotic Cinema

    by Daniela Berghahn Exotic Cinema author Daniela Berghahn chats to EUP on the inspiration behind the book and what surprised […]

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Diversity of Digital Humanities in IJHAC

By the editors of IJHAC IJHAC: A Journal of Digital Humanities has been published since 1989, initially under the name History and Computing. It is one of the longest running journals in digital humanities. Recently, the journal broadened its thematic scope and…

Digital Humanities research in Africa

by Emmanuel Ngué Um The main challenge facing Digital Humanities research in Africa is the race to catch up with a global trend, where digitization is increasingly present at the intersection of knowledge and society. This race is taking place…