Teri Williams

Teri Williams

  • The facade of the National Library of Scotland.

Freedom of Speech as Well as Listening: From Thinking with Words to Listening Through Language

By Igor R. Reyner It is evident that we are living in a particularly challenging time, where transformative and empathic ways of listening, as well as of understanding, are much needed. Surrounded by fake news and intransigent behaviour, isolated in…

In Memoriam Sophinette Becker (1950-2019): Appreciation of new thoughts on sexuality, psychoanalysis and politics from the past

By Patrick Henze-Lindhorst Stubborn, a loving mentor and dedicated therapist, and an acutely perceptive authority on countless political and theoretical issues: The psychoanalytically oriented psychologist, sexuality researcher, and psychosomatics specialist Sophinette Becker shaped the renowned Institute for Sexual Science at…