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Remembering Sarah Kofman in the 2020s?

By Jacob Bates-Firth Sarah Kofman and the Relief of Philosophy (ed. Bates-Firth and McKeane) is out now as a special issue of Paragraph, 44:1 (March 2021) and concurrently in book form with Edinburgh University Press. Backdrop When John and I began to…

About William S. Burroughs

By Stanley Gontarski American outlier writer, William S. Burroughs, was a creative force, as a writer in his own right, and as a cultural theorist, particularly his anticipation of what we now regularly call “a society of control” or “a…

Was there a Catholic school architecture?

By Diane M Watters In 2018, Scotland commemorated 100 years of local authority-run Catholic schooling since the 1918 Education Act. Following the act, both the Catholic and Episcopalian churches transferred their own church-run schools, known as ‘voluntary’ schools, into public…